Dribbling is the act of carrying the ball with your feet and avoiding defenders' attempts to intercept the ball.

A successful dribble will get the ball past defenders and open up scoring opportunities.

Required Skills

Dribbling requires ball skills and is one of the most useful attacking moves. A good dribbler needs to have a good stat for the following attributes:

  • Dribbling skills
  • Balance
  • Ball Control
  • Reactions
  • Composure

Dribbling Types

Dribbling involves a variety of maneuver tricks such as:

  • Low Dribble - Keeping the ball bouncing low and on the floor.
  • Pressure Avoiding Dribble - Needs a quick flick of the ball, waiting and passing the ball or passing the defender.
  • Speed Dribble - Acting so fast the defender cannot catch you.
  • Change of Pace Dribble - Slowing down the speed of your motion and acting as if you are going to stop passing so you can make your defender confused.
  • Elastico - Fooling your defender into thinking that you are going to move in a direction you do not intend to.