Mentality Explained

The mentality attribute of a player or manager determines how defensive or attacking your player set out to play or your manager coaches your team's moves.

A player with a high mentality rate will be able to decide when to leave their position and attack or defend. A manager with a winning mentality will also be able to change the tide of the game and turn their team's tactics from defensive to offensive or vice versa.

How to Improve Your Mentality

To improve your mindset and mental toughness, you need to set your goals, strategise your game in advance, improve your composure, be brave, don�t be afraid to try, have plans for different scenarios, stay positive and practice.

The Footballizer Mentality Training Game, which is based on the Battleship Guessing Game, will help you improve your mentality in a simple way where you get to attack while defending your field. This training game enhances your mental awareness by allowing you to strategize your attack and defense by guessing and trying your moves

Playing matches in Manage Mode in Footballizer will also improve your player's mentality and composure.